Bundesliga Round 23 Betting Preview

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Bundesliga Round 23 Betting Preview

German football fans are living one of the most exciting seasons ever. One round ago, we had FC Bayern, Borussia Dortmund and Union Berlin with the same number of points at the top of the Bundesliga 2022/23 classification table.

Now FC Bayern is leading again but not by much. Let’s have a look at the betting scenario of the weekend and check out the betting odds available for all ten games.

Bundesliga Round 23 Betting Analysis

The most interesting game to watch will probably be Borussia Dortmund v RB Leipzig, as the odds show how this is expected to be a rather levelled game. The hosts have odds of 2.25 which demonstrate that the market sees a small advantage to them, but the visitors have chances of collecting one point or more. The match draw could pay odds of 3.50 on average to this game. In the Asian Handicap market, the lines of this match are between Borussia Dortmund -0.25 and -0.5

The game of FC Bayern seems potentially boring as they face VfB Stuttgart on the road and the odds for their victory are low, in the house of 1.35 right now, while the victory of the hosts could pay 6.40 and the match draw around 5.25.

Considering the 1×2 betting market, the game that has the biggest odds that resemble those of some low-risk casino games is the one of FC Bayern on the road. Betting on Stuttgart could pay as much as famous low-volatility games like Starburst, for example. To bet with interesting low-risk casino games, visit this site.

FC Bayern could profit from a rather weak adversary while Dortmund will face a tough opponent at home.

Union Berlin will play at home against FC Cologne and the odds for their victory are 1.90 on average, and the odds for the +0.5 handicap for the visitors are also around even.

Other potential outcomes that can pay high odds are the victories on the road of Hoffenheim (4.0) against Mainz, and Cologne (4.0) against Union Berlin in the capital of Germany.

Hard Time for FC Bayern in 2022/23

Normally, FC Bayern dominates very easily the Bundesliga and wins almost every year which makes the market odds for the titles of Bayern Münich quite low on average.

However, surprises happen, especially in a disciplined and growing league like the German Bundesliga. Union Berlin is an example of a team that had very big odds in the outright market before the 2022/23 season kick-off and now they have lower odds than at the beginning of the domestic season due to their impressive performance.

Moreover, FC Bayern is also involved in the prestigious UEFA Champions League, which may force them to rest players in the future rounds which could affect their performances and boost the chances of Borussia Dortmund and Union Berlin to maybe win the Bundesliga.

Summary: Bundesliga Round 23

FC Bayern has an easier match than the opponents in the title fight and that is evident when analysing the 1×2 market odds as well as other ones like the Asian Handicap market.

The match between Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig should be very interesting for fans that like the highest quality of football while they look for value and great bets!