Bundesliga 1×2 Betting Guide

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Bundesliga 1×2 Betting Guide

1×2 football betting is the most popular betting market out there. It’s as simple as possible and beginner bettors don’t have a hard time trying to understand it as it happens with Asian Handicap betting, for example.

When you bet on 1×2, you’re trying to guess what Bundesliga team will win the game, or if it will end in a match draw. The market is called 1×2 because there are 3 potential selections for the bettors: the victory of the home team, the potential victory of the visitors, and the match draw.

In the traditional system, if you don’t guess precisely if the result of the game is going to be 1, X or 2, you lose the bet. However, these days we do have more complex markets such as DNB and 1X, 12 and 2X, but this is a topic for another rather advanced guide.

Let’s learn how to bet using the 1×2 system with a real-life example of the Bundesliga.

Bundesliga 1×2 Betting Odds: Real-Life Examples

Next weekend, FC Bayern will play on the road against VfB Stuttgart. The odds for the victory of the hosts are 6.40 on average as Bayern Münich naturally are the big favourites here. This means that a €100 bet on the visitors would only become a profit of €38, while the victory of the hosts with the same stake could produce a profit of €540! The match draw, which is the X selection and an unlikely scenario in the eyes of the market, would reward the bettors with €390 if €100 was the original stake.

As you can see, the less likely to happen, the bigger the odds. Of course, when it comes to sports betting, the gambling houses and the market make mistakes and it is possible to profit from analytical skills, like with poker, for example.

But if you’re betting for fun in big odds, then sports betting in the Bundesliga games can become similar to a casino betting session, like you can enjoy at crazyvegas casino, for example.

Correct score betting, for example, can pay incredible profits just like a slot machine, for example. In the example of Stuttgart v FC Bayern, a bet in the exact score of 3-0 can pay prizes of 220 to 1, that is a €10 bet could become a prize of €2,200!

There are several other gambling markets out there for the games of Bundesliga, including corner kick betting, red cards and yellow cards betting, if a team will score during the first half, if a specific player will score and many, many others.

It is fair to say that the more likely an event is to happen in the eyes of the betting community, the lower the odds. For that reason, to bet on FC Bayern to win the Bundesliga won’t pay you a lot of money, but then again, you’re very likely to win the bet!