Remembering Kaiserslautern’s Unlikely Bundesliga Title

In the 1996-97 season, a small club from the west German city of Kaiserslautern pulled off one of the biggest upsets in soccer history, winning the Bundesliga title against all odds. This summer marks the 25th anniversary of that improbable championship, and fans of Die Roten Teufel (The Red Devils) have been celebrating with a series of special events.

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Kaiserslautern’s recent history had been one of yo-yo-ing between the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga, Germany’s second division. But by 1996, Die Roten Teufel had established themselves as a solid top-flight side, thanks in large part to the arrival of coach Otto Rehhagel the previous year. Buoyed by the additions of players like Olaf Marschall and Michael Tarnat, Kaiserslautern entered the 1996-97 campaign with high hopes.

With 13 wins and one draw and one defeat in their first 15 games, Kaiserslautern sat atop the table at the winter break. Things become a little more difficult in the second part of the season, although the team were solid as ever as they only lost a total of four matches in the entire campaign.

They had a large number of draws in the second half of the campaign, though, with the final part of the season seeing the club draw five of the last eight games, including one defeat and two wins that came at a vital point of the season.

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It has been 25 years since Kaiserslautern’s improbable Bundesliga title triumph, but for fans of Die Roten Teufel, those memories are still fresh. This summer marks the anniversary of that special season, and fans have been celebrating with a series of events honoring their heroes from 1997. Here’s hoping that Union Berlin can make some new memories by replicating what Kaiserlautern had managed to and get to the top of German soccer.

Of course, the league is a lot stronger these days, however it would be great to see someone else win the Bundesliga other than FC Bayern as a neutral, right?