Bundesliga considering change to league format

According to fresh reports, it has been claimed that the Bundesliga that we know today could be about to be changed forever.

Of course, there will have been some that will have become rather bored with FC Bayern Munich’s continued domination of the league, as they seek to win their 10th consecutive title this season.

Naturally, those who have been able to use the best online casinos will have been left rather impressed with the longevity of the football club, as everyone knows how difficult it is to continue to have a good time for an extended period.

However, it seems the league wants to bring about a change in the hope of freshening things up within Germany and making German league football a little more competitive moving forward.

It has been revealed that the German Football League (DFL) could look at exploring the possibility of end-of-season play-offs to help try and combat the predictability of the Bundesliga and the way in which it finishes; although it still would not be a surprise if Bayern were to finish top as they seem to have a monopoly on the league.

According to the DFL’s new CEO Donata Hopfen, she told German publication BILD: “There are no taboos for me. If play-offs will help us, then we’ll talk about play-offs.”

Perhaps unsurprising, Bayern chief executive, legendary goalkeeper Oliver Kahn, has revealed support for the reform.

“I find it exciting to think about new models such as play-offs for the Bundesliga,” he told Kicker, via SportBible.

“A format in the Bundesliga with semi-finals and finals would mean excitement for the fans.

“So it makes sense to play through such an idea. We at FC Bayern are always open to new ideas.”

There is some stern opposition to the plans, though, although those who play casino games at the best operators available on https://www.cancasinos.ca/ might not care too much about what others have had to say on the potential scenario as they will simply be enjoying themselves.

Former Bayern president Uli Hoeness has been vocal regarding his disapproval, stating:

“That’s his opinion – it’s not mine. I find that ridiculous,” Hoeness told Servus TV, via SportBible.

“In the Bundesliga, whoever is the best after 34 match days and who has gone through thick and thin with his team should win the championship.

“That’s just a law against Bayern Munich! That has nothing to do with tension.”

He added: “The new managing director of the DFL thinks day and night about how to break the dominance of FC Bayern.

“And that’s when they came up with this idea. There are no play-offs in any major league in the world, not in England, not in Spain, not in Italy, not in France.”

He does not appear to be on his own in his criticism of the plans, with a number of clubs said to be against the idea, whilst senior figures have also had their say.

Dortmund chief executive Hans-Joachim Watzke is willing to explore the idea but is reluctant to give it the green light.

“I’ve never been a friend of the play-offs idea, but, given the general situation, there shouldn’t be any ban on thinking about different formats,” he told Kicker, via SportBible.

But his counterpart at Leverkusen, Rudi Voller, has voiced his opposition.

“A totally wrong approach. I’m completely against it,” he said.