Bundesliga changes proposed but unlikely

No matter how hard they may try, it would seem that it is impossible to knock FC Bayern Munich from their perch at the top of the Bundesliga table.

Football fans who do not follow the German top tier would be hard pushed in trying to work out who the last champions of the league were or when exactly they had managed to do it, whilst there will be those who continue to watch the action regularly but feel a sense of predictability is only going to be received when they do.

Whilst predictability can be great when playing at Thai Live Casino, it can make the football on offer become a little mundane at times and take away the intrigue and brilliance that the sport offers fans all around the world.

Now, it seems there has become a concern about the monopoly that Bayern Munich has managed to create within the league – 9 league titles in a row will do that as will buying up the best players available in the league and reducing the competition – with some starting to create ideas about how the Bundesliga can be reformed and reshaped.

There have been a number of proposals and suggestions in the past but it would seem that the former Bundesliga president and Bayer 04 Leverkusen CEO, Wolfgang Holzhauser, has an idea that aims to make the league more attractive to fans.

According to the information that has been provided by Marca, it would seem the 71-year-old is a fan of American sports and would like to see a playoff system introduced to crown the overall winner.

In his suggestion, Holzhauser has suggested that the regular season remains the same, but the teams who finish in the top four should then go on to compete in a knock-out playoff format whereby the two finalists will then compete for the overall Championship.

He has revealed that he also believes that whilst it will help to create additional interest from fans, it could also benefit the clubs that are involved as they will be able to generate more revenue that could help each team financially and in sporting terms.

Holzhauser also acknowledged that the format may not appeal to a team like FC Bayern Munich, but then again, when a club is used to winning in a certain way, they are never going to be favourable to changes that could impact their chances of retaining the title the next season.

In addition, he also noted that German people tend to be less receptive to change, which could just make the possibility of changing the Bundesliga a dream and something that will never happen in reality; at least, not in the near future.